Sunday, February 27, 2011

Raising Sammy

About a month ago, I adopted a 5 month old puppy from the Oregon Humane Society. The moment I brought him home he was so happy and excited he promptly peed on my carpet....and this began the lovely adventure of raising Sammy, my little 11 pound terrier mix puppy.

Over the course of this month, he has become quite an amazing little companion and I couldn't be happier with my little guy. I was afraid of raising a puppy by myself, since this was my first pet on my own, but he has been the most rewarding addition to my life as of now, and I am so excited to watch him grow over the years.

He's had his moments of sickness, and getting into the garbage and barking at small children, that was embarrassing, but he's also learned how to sit, stay, roll over, and play dead. I've taken him to the local dog parks and he is being socialized quite well, and is now much better with children as well. It's amazing to watch him learn so quickly. Oh and the carpet incident, yea...that hasn't happened again. What a good boy!

Here is Sammy, at 5 months. He'll be 6 months March 1st.

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