Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commuting by Bicycle

Well, I've decided to sell my car and switch to a bicycle as my main mode of transport. I'm very excited and eager to get started...I've even been watching youtube videos about properly riding with traffic. I wasn't really planning on making the switch this quickly but I figured now is just as good of a time as any, might as well go for it!

Plus, the best part was, of course, shopping for a bike! I chose a globe bike as the one for me because it seemed the best for commuting around Portland, my home town, and for running errands during the day. I've uploaded a picture of it below:

 and this is the link:  http://www.globebikes.com/us/en/globe/GlobeBike.jsp?pid=11dailyUSstept3

go check it out! And...wish me luck on my next bicycle adventure!


  1. YAY!
    Go Lilly!
    Best of luck!
    I know I couldn't do it!
    Although I should start "training" with the way gas prices are!

  2. Thanks Rachel! True, gas prices are crazy! I'm having a lot of fun riding around so far, It's working out really well for me.