Thursday, March 10, 2011


So....I just pierced my own ears.....kinda. Well, I had gotten them pierced a few years back, but they closed up so I decided to re-open them today!

I got some piercing earrings for free from the ladies that work at the jewelry store that I visit often, I guess they like me or when I got home today I just decided to go for it.

I pierced the right one first, and it didn't hurt too bad, just a little rough and it burned a bit. But when I got to the left ear, I could actually feel the crunch of it piercing through my scar tissue from the previous piercing. It burned a bit more, but all in all it wasn't too terrible. I'd probably do it again.


  1. Yah-ouch! As someone who has had my nose pierced at least THREE times (totally ridiculous - so ridiculous that I've lost track) and my ears and belly pierced, I have to say that the original liquid Dial antibacterial soap is the BEST way to help new piercings (or re-piercings) heal! Works EVERY time! Good luck :)

  2. okay great i will have to get some! Thanks :)