Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lately, I have been running. I HATE running...

That being said, I run because it's healthy (I guess)...and my friends made me, Ha! Last month I had the "pleasure" of running Portland's Retro Run with some of my close friends. For the run, we all wore tutus and bright retro colors. It was actually pretty awesome. Below are a few pictures from that:

I'm currently gearing up to run the Color Me Rad run in June. I'm excited for this because as you run, the people on the sidelines blast you with pigment! Totally Rad!

After that I'll be training for the Canby Dahlia Run. This is a whopping half marathon! Now we're getting serious. I hope I can make it through this one! 

If I am able to run this half marathon in August I'd really like to push myself to run the Portland Marathon in October. We shall see, I think I can do it though...

Honestly, as much as I hate running, I am truly grateful that I can. Running is a privilege that not everyone is able to do. I feel so blessed that I can run and I think that is partly the reason why I do it. For health, for the bragging rights, and simply because I can. Happy running everyone!

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