Friday, April 15, 2011

The Lemon Diet, Update!

So after being on this master cleanse/lemon diet for over a week, I am back to eating real food. Just fruits and veggies for the first week (although I cheated and ate a bran muffin, sorry...gotta have carbs sometimes!), and I have to say the results are incredible!

First, I noticed my memory improved, my thoughts were clear and I had way more energy!
Second, I slept much better! I felt more refreshed in the morning, and just felt healthier overall.

Side effect: other than being hungry, nothing major. I did end up losing 13 pounds, but have gained 3 back. Total weight loss then: 10 pounds. Not bad for a week!

Final comments: I RECOMMEND THIS for anyone who is serious about changing your health and jump-starting a healthy lifestyle. I do NOT recommend this for those who are simply trying to lose will gain it back once you start eating if you don't change your eating habits.

Do you research, give it a try if you are up to the challenge or want to do something good for your body, give it a rest!

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